Russian River

Property Owners Association

An environmentally sensitive stewardship organization
protecting river, tributary and watershed property rights

Take a look at the information on Frost Protection that RRPOA has sponsored.  The reports were prepared by Matthew J. Deitch, Ph.D., Senior Environmental Scientist at CEMAR.  Dr. Deitch has participated in hydrology, geomorphology, and stream  ecology projects in California since 2001, including sediment TMDL, FERC relicensing, and environmental flow studies. His recent projects  involve conducting hydrologic studies and using GIS to develop and test policy scenarios related to aquatic ecosystem conservation. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.


The first is a presentation Al Cadd and Matt gave at the SCWA Independent Review Panel forum last January (2013)


The second is a report Matt prepared based on stream data collected in 2012.



There is some great information contained in these reports, Enjoy!